Practice Areas


We are experienced in advising clients on the legal and regulatory framework covering every segment of the aviation industry in Ghana. Typically, this includes aviation joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, reviewing and negotiating bilateral air service agreements, open sky policies as well as aviation insurance.

We aim to provide our clients with seamless legal support at all levels as a one stop shop offering high quality services.


Services we provide include the incorporation of companies, negotiation and drafting of agreements such as shareholders’ agreements, share transfer agreements, sale and purchase agreements, among others. We also advise clients on corporate governance matters, intellectual property licensing issues, tax, as well as other regulatory matters. We also routinely advise clients on large and complex in-bound investment transactions and corporate acquisitions.


We are resolute in representing the interests of our clients in courts on litigation regarding commercial and corporate disputes, conveyancing and drafting disputes, general negligence, family law disputes and criminal litigation, amongst others.


The firm provides a range of employment law advisory services from drafting and negotiating employment contracts, consultancy agreements and conditions of service, advising on immigration matters including applying for work and residency permits, to structuring sophisticated compensation structures such as employee profit sharing and complex carried interest allocations schemes.

We also provide legal representation in matters relating to wrongful dismissal of employees, various forms of discrimination, redundancy, severance awards and salary claims.


The firm offers a comprehensive service to real estate investors and developers in both matters of commercial and residential transactions. A good number of our lawyers combine their knowledge in land economy and law to provide cutting edge advice to secure fought less ownership of our clients’ interests over any given property.


At Korsah & Ackah @law, our partners combine their knowledge of history to provide cutting edge advice to traditional leadership regarding statutes regulating chieftaincy and its practise in Ghana. We appreciate that prior to Ghana’s colonisation, traditional areas in Ghana were governed by the rules and customs particular to these areas, which rules must now conform to post-independence enactments regarding chieftaincy.


We have a dedicated team of experienced criminal law practitioners who continue to research and contribute to the criminal jurisprudence of Ghana. Our lawyers represent our clients in complex criminal matters such as confiscation hearings, indictment proceedings and provide potent criminal defences in support of our clients holding sacred the time-tested principle that the burden of proof in any criminal matter rests squarely on the shoulders of the state.


Hotels, restaurants and other business operators are expected to “act prudently and use reasonable care to ensure that their premises are (reasonably) free of risk. Businesses and individuals receive legal services at Korsah& Ackah @ Law to ensure that they operate within the requirements of the laws of Ghana and for people to enjoy services without cause of harm to them or their property.


Our dedicated team of lawyers provide pre-marital advice with regards to the rights of the couple in marriage, the right to own property jointly and separately, adoption, child custody, advice regarding domestic violence and divorce and subsequent distribution of assets acquired after the marriage.


Our team of lawyers advice on the legal framework for collateral registration in Ghana and beyond. We support our clients to perfect their securities over multiple types of complex financial arrangements as security for capital financing for various projects.


We provide general advice on the immigration framework of Ghana and members of the Commonwealth countries to clients intending to settle in and outside Ghana, or within the European Union member states.

We also assist our clients intending to settle in Ghana to secure work and residence permits, driver’s licenses and to conform to other regulatory requirements.